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search term wildcards or regular expressions

Each of these searches finds and misses different motorcycles on Craigslist:

BMW K1300GT|1300GT|"1300 GT"|K1300
BMW 1300GT
BMW "1300 GT"
BMW K1300
BMW GT (ignoring lots of unrelated results)

Can you suggest a mode, or another way to specify my terms, to improve the results quality?
Do you plan to support other search syntax along with "|", such as wildcards "*", or maybe regular expressions?

Bob Sutterfield Answered

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Since we open results directly at craigslist, we're sort of limited to the syntax they offer. Basically on our end we just standardize what we send to our other sources (eBay, Amazon, etc.) so that you can use the same syntax for all of them.  Since the sources themselves don't offer wildcards though, there's no way for us to do so either.

Nathan Stretch
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