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Price filters can miss some items

Our Single List Results mode is powered by a "Google Custom Search", which unfortunately does not always index the prices included in postings.  Therefore, if you filter by price, it is possible some items that should be shown will be missed.

If you want to filter by price without a chance of missing anything, please try our Direct Results mode. To switch modes, just click the Direct Results / Single List Results toggle switch on the results page. With the Direct Results, you view results pages directly from craigslist, complete with prices and everything else.  It takes a bit longer since we have to break them into multiple links, but we make it as fast as possible!

Please note that we have no affiliation with craigslist, and we don't have any control over the content of the craigslist windows opened, besides linking to them.

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    Emilio Aguilar

    You wrote though twice.

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    Nathan Stretch

    Ha, indeed we did! Thanks, will fix it now.

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