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Advanced Keywords

To NOT show ads with certain words, put dashes before them, like this:

BMW Z4 -automatic

You can also write more advanced searches, as shown below. (Make sure the "All/Advanced" option is checked.)

  • Search for single words and phrases together:
    "fire engine" red toy
  • Search for any one of several words ("OR" searches). Put pipes|between|terms in OR searches. AND terms are separated by spaces. Ex. to search for a beige refrigerator:
    refridgerator|refrigerator|fridge cream|beige
    Note: The pipe character "|" can be typed by pressing Shift + backslash ("\") on most keyboards.
  • Of course, you can still include negative keywords or key-phrases:
    refridgerator|refrigerator|fridge white|cream|beige -broken -"not working"
  • Even fancier searches:

    It's possible to make even more creative searches, but exactly how to do so depends on which Results Mode you're using.

    The Single List Results mode is powered by Google, so supports all of Google's advanced search operators, including wildcards, intitle:, and phrases in OR searches. For example:

    intitle:"Aston Martin"|intitle:Maserati black convertible|cabriolet

    if you're looking for a black drop-top supercar... (Searching for some terms in the title only avoids posts where people have just stuffed a bunch of keywords at the bottom.)

    The Direct Results mode and the RSS Feeds are powered by craigslist. So when using Direct Results (which is the default), your keywords are sent directly to craigslist, and therefore support everything they do: Craigslist search help page

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