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RSS feeds updating with only ebay results, no Craigslist results

I just set up a few RSS feeds a couple days ago and have run the same search manually via your website in the day since, finding numerous new posts. However, the RSS feeds haven't shown any of the new posts, only new ebay posts. Not sure if I didn't do something right, or whether it's a bug. I suspect it's the latter? Thanks.

Eileen60016 Answered

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If the ebay feed is updating, most likely you did everything right. Craigslist has been known in the past to stop updating their feeds for periods of time, or to temporarily block certain RSS readers. Unfortunately, that is likely what is happening. You could try using a different RSS reader. Feedly and TheOldReader are two free options. Sometimes paid options work better as they have less traffic, so are less likely to be blocked by Craigslist. NewsBlur is one fairly inexpensive and good paid RSS reader.

Alternatively you could just give it some time; generally blocks only last a few days. Or just keep searching with SearchTempest of course! We realize it would be convenient to have alerts, but unfortunately we don't have any control over craigslist's RSS policies, nor any other way to provide search alerts.

If there's anything else I can do to help though, please let me know.

Nathan Stretch
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