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Where did the Separate Cities results go?

As you may know, the SearchTempest.com results are powered by Google and Bing.  Until recently we used a "Google Custom Search" to show results separated by city.  Unfortunately it appears that Google has now changed their policies, and permit only a single custom search per page, which means we are no longer able to show results for each city separately.  It's not clear whether we will be able to bring that exact way of searching back.

There is some good news though!  We have just released a major update to our Direct Results mode, which allows you to get results directly from the source.  As well as giving you several options for how to group the results (by large areas, by state, or by individual city,) this also avoids the main problem with using Google/Bing results: delayed or missing listings.

In the past, Direct Results required you to click through each city individually, but we now combine multiple cities into each link, making it significant faster and easier to use.  (Although the old per-city Direct Results are still available if you want.)  You can learn more about Direct Results here.  We have had great feedback on the new mode, so we've made it the default.  If you prefer the Google/Bing results though, to change back just flip the "Single List Results / Direct Results" toggle above the list of results to "Single List Results".  (Or if you're already on Single List Results from previous searches and want to try the new Direct Results, obviously you can do that with the same toggle!)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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