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SearchTempest Results Modes

SearchTempest gives you two main ways to view your results. You can switch between these results modes using the Direct Results / Single List Results toggle switch on the results page, below the search bar. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you may want to try both to see which is best for your searches.

Here's some more info about the modes:

Direct Results

This is the default search mode. If you have changed to the Single List Results mode, you can change back to Direct Results by clicking the Direct Results / Single List Results toggle switch on the results page, below the search bar.

The Direct Results mode lets you view results directly at craigslist. This has several advantages:

  • New results appear immediately as they are posted to craigslist. There are never delays or missing results.
  • Deleted or flagged ads are also removed immediately.
  • All craigslist options are supported, including price limits and "has pictures".
  • You can show preview images in the results list.

In the past, the Direct Results required you to click through each city in your results individually.  Now, we combine multiple cities in each area into a single link, making the results much faster to browse.  Just click the link for each area to view its results, directly from craigslist. Or for even faster browsing, click the "Open All" button to open all the links at once, in new tabs.

If you prefer, you can use the Group results by control to have a separate link for each state, or even go back to a separate link for each city.  (The default is to combine the results into as few links as possible, so each one tends to cover several states.)  Finally, if you are on a desktop browser and prefer separate results for each city, you can try the "Open Direct Results in popup windows" option, just below the list of results links. This will open a separate index window beside the results for each city with a convenient list of city links, as well as previous/next buttons.

Note that the contents of the craigslist results window go directly from craigslist to your browser. We have no affiliation with craigslist, so we have no way to control the contents of that window besides linking to it with the search query you've entered. That includes removing cities with no results.

Having difficulties with the Direct Results mode? Get help here.

Single List Results

Switch to the Single List Results mode (previously called "Combined Results") by clicking the Direct Results / Single List Results toggle switch on the results page, below the search bar and above the first results.

The Combined Results mode is powered by Google and Bing. By default it shows a single list of all results found by Google matching your search, followed by any additional matching results found by Bing.  There is also an option to show results sorted by city, with the nearest cities first.  You can select this by clicking the "Sort" dropdown box near the top of the results page, below the search bar, and choosing one of the "Separate Cities" options.  However, these "Separate Cities" sorts are powered by Google alone, so they will probably miss some of the results that the "Single List" sorts will find.

*Note: this separate cities option is currently not available. Find out why.

Pros: Quickly scan results from all cities in your search area, in a single list.

Cons: Can't filter by price or "has pictures"; Some ads will likely be missed, especially newly posted ones.

See here for tips on getting the best results with this mode.

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