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Can't ST just switch to Bing?

Since google isn't playing ball, could you just port the software to use Bing?

Maybe have two option buttons... one for Using Google Search, the other for Bing Search. I'd rather have ST with Bing, then a ST with nothing. The Direct Search method is less intuitive and a ton more tedious to make it worth my while.

Just sayin

Greg Calder Completed

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Why not give you both Google AND Bing, which is what we do now? Are you saying the Bing results don't appear for your searches? If so, please send us an email via so we can figure out why.

Also, the Direct search is definitely tedious right now, but we have a major improvement planned that will make it much easier and faster to use. Hoping to have at least an initial version of that ready within a couple weeks.

Nathan Stretch
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