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whole country load as one lot ( as they say all of craigslist but without all the area breakdowns )

Can you search the whole of the US and it load as one in its natural order without being broken down by state , county , city , town so you dont have to keep tabbing your way through all the breakdowns and also having to see the same listings repeated through multiple sub areas . ie one search for the country with preferably each listing only listed once and if not at least not having to change your area sub headings the whole way around the U.S OF A

Just gained a day or two if someone has the answer out there

Jason Dean

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Yep, it's definitely possible to search everywhere in one list instead of each city separately. Just click the 'Sort' dropdown near the top of the results page, below the search bar, and choose one of the "Single List" options.

To have it search the whole country, just make sure you set the distance to search to "any" on the search form (just below where you enter your zip code).

Nathan Stretch
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