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Why are some craigslist posts missing?

By default, SearchTempest is powered by a combination of the Google and Bing search engines.  While these are very good at finding craigslist posts, they're not perfect.  If you feel your search may be missing results, there are a couple things you can try.

The first is our Direct Results mode, which we now recommend to all users, and plan to eventually make the default.  It will give you a set of links, each one covering results for around 20 cities, directly from craigslist*. This avoids all the issues associated with Google and Bing results, and instead gives you results that are 100% complete and up to date.

The second option is our RSS Feeds tool, which is handy when you find yourself running the same search over and over, and want to automate that process.

Read a more detailed explanation of why craigslist posts might be missing here.

*We are not affiliated with, or endorsed, by, craigslist.

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