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How can I get the best results for my searches?

To get the most complete results for your searches, we recommend using our default Direct Results mode.  (If  you've switched to the Single List Results, you can switch back to Direct Results using the Direct Results / Single List Results toggle switch toggle on the results page.)  Because Direct Results gives you results straight from the source, they are guaranteed to be complete and up to date.

If you prefer the speed of our Single List Results mode, it helps to be aware that it is powered by Google and Bing.  These search engines which do best with specific searches and multiple keywords. For example, a search for "Singer 9960 Quantum sewing machine" will probably catch all the results, but a search for "sewing machine" might miss some. So when using this mode, it's best to be as specific as possible. Another excellent way to make your searches more specific is to choose a subcategory. If you're searching for a guitar, for example, it's always better to search in the "musical instruments" subcategory than in "all sale/wanted".

Again though, to catch every matching result, we strongly recommend sticking with the Direct Results option.  

Finally, if the results aren't working at all, please see the troubleshooting section here.


* Note: we are not affiliated with or endorsed by craigslist.

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