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Posts are missing from the results.

SearchTempest offers a few different ways to view results, each of which works a bit differently behind the scenes.  By default, you will see what we call Direct Results, to give you links to results straight from craigslist, so it will have every single craigslist result, exactly as if you'd searched craigslist directly.  Direct Results used to require you to view results from each city separately.  While you can still do that, we have recently upgraded it so that each results link can now cover a group of 20 or more cities.  This makes it much faster to go through  your results, while still maintaining the same benefits.  We recommend Direct Results to all users now.

However, you may still be using the old "Single List" results view, which is powered by Google and (more recently) Bing.  Between the two sources, they should find most results for most searches.  Search engines aren't perfect though, so it will sometimes take a little while (minutes, hours, or occasionally even days) to pick up new posts.  (Posts in popular categories and cities tend to be found more quickly than in quieter ones.)  Occasionally they will even miss items altogether, although this is less likely now that we combine both Google and Bing results.

If you're missing results, the most likely reason is that you're using this search engine powered option.  If so, we recommend switching back to Direct Results using the toggle switch on the results page.  (Or, if you run the same search a lot, try our RSS Feeds tool.)

If you're still missing results in Direct Results view, the most likely explanation is that you've set an option such as max price or titles only, which is filtering out the result you're interested in. Perhaps you accidentally searched in the wrong category, or chose "ALL" keywords instead of "ANY". If an ad shows up on craigslist but not through SearchTempest, you'll want to double-check that your search settings are exactly the same on both sites.  If you still believe you've found a problem, feel free to send us an email with a link to your SearchTempest results page and the exact title and category of the ad that should show up but doesn't.

Note: SearchTempest is not affiliated with craigslist.  Our Direct Results mode is a navigational tool that provides links to craigslist pages, and opens them in a convenient manner to compare results from multiple cities.  Learn more about Direct Results here.

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