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Can you combine all Direct Results into one link?

When using our Direct Results view, you have the option to group results into links by area, by state, or by individual city.  We do this by creating links to craigslist* results pages.  Each of these pages can contain multiple cities, using their 'nearby cities' feature.  However, this feature only allows a limited number of nearby cities around a given central city to be searched, so to search larger areas, we split the search up into multiple links.  We have designed our 'area' groupings to efficiently cover the entire country using as few links as possible.

There's no need to click each link individually though.  At the top of the list of links you should find an "Open All" button that will open up all the Direct Results links at once, each in a separate browser tab.  If you don't see the button, make sure you have the "Group results by" dropdown set to "area".


* Note: We are not affiliated with craigslist.

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